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What’s interesting about GitHub’s Series A round isn’t the investor or the total sum raised, or even that GitHub waited four years before accepting venture capital as an already profitable business. One aspect of GitHub’s early years that many people overlook, however, is how solving the big, ambitious problems experienced by all software developers also drove development of GitHub as a product. We met in person every Saturday to make design decisions and try to figure out what the hell our pricing plan would look like.” — Tom Preston-Werner. What makes the problem you’re trying to solve so painful? In just 10 years, GitHub has transformed how people code. On June 29, 2010, GitHub introduces its Organizations feature, a tool that allows corporate users to manage group-owned repositories from a single, centralized dashboard. Read More GitHub was No. GitHub was being used by more than half of the largest, wealthiest corporations in the United States—a manifestation of Tom Preston-Werner’s prescient vision of “GitHub Everywhere” from years before. The biggest challenge facing GitHub now is to devise a way to further ingratiate itself into coding as a technical discipline while simultaneously appealing to professionals beyond software developers. Although the files themselves were of limited utility compared to the code projects hosted in GitHub’s millions of repositories, it was hugely important symbolically. It was the first time that federal legislative policy had been shared in such a manner. Revenue, on the other hand, was increasing rapidly. Preston-Werner’s vision was to create a place where entire code libraries could be hosted, and where programmers could work on code projects collaboratively and learn about how to get the most out of Git. But something was amiss. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Welcome to GitHub Pages. Similar to the “snapshots” that computer backup systems use as restore points, version control systems allow programmers to work on the same project without stepping on each other’s changes by tracking each version of a project by “forking” or separating versions of that project into distinct “branches.” Once changes have been made to a branch, they can be uploaded back to and merged with the original project, in a process known as a “commit.” This system allows programmers to work independently on their own branches before merging their files back to the main project, which is known as a repository. Luckily for GitHub, Geoffrey Grosenbach wasn’t the only enthusiastic early adopter who wanted to give money to GitHub. The announcement was incredible free PR for GitHub, and it also hinted at other potential use cases for GitHub that open-data advocates and tech-savvy policy wonks had been talking about for years—even if those use cases would ultimately never materialize. Think about your product and its place in the broader vertical your company operates in, then ask yourself: GitHub succeeded because it solved a technical problem—the need for a better, more intuitive version control system—that had significant potential to solve a human problem, namely collaborating on software projects easily, securely, and remotely. This aligns with Microsoft’s broader plans to move away from proprietary sales of Windows, and toward its growing ecosystem of cloud-based services. I don’t feel comfortable not paying you guys. By August 2016, that figure had risen to $140M. With Forrester predicting that the no code development platform market will grow from $3.8 billion in 2017 to $21.2 billio… Audacia launches second graduate training programme Audacia has launched its second graduate training programme in a bid to offer opportunities to tech graduates entering the job market during the COVID-19 crisis. If you want to host your code publicly, GitHub is free to use, forever. However, getting anyone to actually look at their code was another matter. Invited to the White House where he spoke about entrepreneurship. Rep.-elect Issa: Pelosi 'failed to advance a lead' in the House Congressman-elect Darrell Issa, R-Calif., comments on the GOP's plan to challenge the electoral college on Jan. 6. “People were starting to talk about Git at the Ruby meetups. Recruiters could browse public repositories and user profiles to identify prospective hires and see what kind of projects applicants had been working on, making GitHub a valuable recruitment tool. Essentially, contributing to the Rails project was about who you knew, not what you knew. Preston-Werner handled design, and Wanstrath focused on implementing Preston-Werner’s features. Not using your own product internally raises questions of whether there’s a genuine need for your product. By 2012, GitHub had become incredibly popular. Although the attack was ultimately thwarted, it highlighted the dangers of hosting so much of the world’s code in one place—particularly code intended to subvert state surveillance apparatus. He is an American technology entrepreneur who revolutionized the information technology industry. GitHub was founded in San Francisco in 2008 by Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, and PJ Hyett as a community for developing and managing open source code using Git—the independent version-control software created by Linus Torvalds. The experience and resources of Andreessen Horowitz can help us do that.” — Tom Preston-Werner. Making Git easier to use was a goal of GitHub, but it was never the ultimate goal. What was particularly brilliant about GitHub was that it did so by creating a product that solved those problems that also created a vast potential market for that product. This is also what made GitHub such an attractive acquisition for Microsoft in early June 2018, despite Microsoft’s troubled history in the open-source community. By 2010, it was clear to the founders that the single most important vector of revenue growth would be adoption of GitHub at the enterprise and organizational level. However, although GitHub was still growing—at a rate of 10,000 new users per workday by September 2015—the pace of that growth was slowing. You can change your ad preferences anytime. The social aspect of GitHub was also a powerful driver of growth. In many cases, this approval process took longer than it did to write the code. Put another way, how much of your company’s identity is dictated from the top down, and how much has emerged organically over time as a result of the hires you’ve made? Preston-Werner was working on a project called Grit, a tool that allowed coders to access Git repositories in an object-oriented manner using Ruby on Rails. Beneath the sarcasm and the outrage, there was a very real sense that GitHub’s future was no longer as bright as it once was. In 2005, Torvalds unveiled his latest project—a new version control system called Git. Upon its release in 1991, Linux challenged the Windows/Mac dichotomy and offered users a remarkably flexible, lightweight, and secure open-source OS that quickly found favor among hardcore geeks and techies who wanted to exercise greater control over their systems. What values and brand attributes does your company’s culture say about you? Individuals by themselves, small teams, students, as well as big, massive enterprises.” — Tom Preston-Werner. “I’m hosting my company’s code here. How could you overcome these obstacles to implement this feature? Preston-Werner first met Chris Wanstrath at Zeke’s, a sports bar in San Francisco, after a local meetup for programmers known as I Can Has Ruby. Bitbucket and GitLab will inevitably gain some of the users fleeing Microsoft’s GitHub, but GitHub’s position in the industry and the functionality of GitHub as a product itself practically guarantees GitHub’s continued relevance, survival, and growth. With Autodesk Gallery, you can view and present 3D model and file easily online. Here’s an example of Haystack’s “exceptions” view collectdWe also use collectd to monitor load, RAM usage, CPU usage, and otherapp-related metrics … “Specifically, there’s a strategy called ‘GitHub Everywhere.’ We want everyone in software to be using GitHub. 6 on the 2014 CNBC Disruptor 50. Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. ... GitHub's co-founder and then-current CEO Chris Wanstrath had been leading a search for Wanstrath's replacement since August 2017. Just as Spotify did during its crucial early-development stages, GitHub first launched as a private beta. My name is Chris Wanstrath. Cleaning House In the past month I’ve done a lot of traveling. One of the single most important factors in GitHub’s growth is the simplicity and elegance of its business model. By August 2016, GitHub Enterprise made up half of GitHub’s ARR. Because we want to be better. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. GitHub didn’t just benefit individual programmers, either. The true mission of GitHub was to make collaborating on and writing software easier. By the end of 2011, GitHub was hosting more than 2M repositories and had surpassed SourceForge, Google Code, and Microsoft’s CodePlex in terms of both users and commits. The company deliberately and proactively created its own culture, rather than allowing culture to develop. Even in its early years, GitHub recognized the importance of culture. GitHub as a product was already incredibly sticky, purely by virtue of the problems it solved. Although user growth was steady, it was the company’s continued expansion into the enterprise that drove much of the organization’s revenue growth during this period. Version control systems track changes to computer files over time. By clicking Next, you agree to the storage of your e-mail address, name, IP address and to the use of cookies. Best of all, GitHub had been profitable practically since Day 1. GitHub wasn’t just slowly devouring Silicon Valley—it had traveled all the way to the corridors of power in the nation’s capital. Just a few months later, on April 10, 2008, GitHub launched officially. GitHub has barely scratched the surface of what’s possible, and Microsoft’s renewed focus on its cloud-based developer ecosystem seems perfectly aligned with GitHub’s potential as a product. The following month, GitHub, Inc. was officially founded as a company, after changing its name from Logical Awesome. GitHub achieved incredible growth and success by identifying a major problem that millions of people all over the world were wrestling with—how to collaborate on code—and devising an elegant solution that the market desperately needed. But it was far more than just that: It was a social hub where coders could learn from one another. However, although GitHub had now become inextricably interwoven into coding culture, the company’s sights were set even higher. Hyett, mostly as a way to see and tweak each other’s ongoing projects. It could be a real business. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Another potential move for GitHub could be the introduction of additional features and functionality that appeal to these professionals, such as integrated project management tools. The company’s current CEO, Chris Wanstrath, will become a Microsoft technical fellow. Nat Friedman-Wikipedia. They didn’t want to make coding easier for programmers—they wanted to make coding easier, period. Too much outside influence can be dangerous. You can have private projects as well, but only 3 collaborators allowed on the free plan. Our friends at Pledgie busted out their css wizardry to restyle your … “We still believe that taking too much money too early can be bad for a company. Still others drew parallels between the deal and Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL when it bought Sun Microsystems in 2009. A little over a year after launch, the company had gained its first 100,000 users. Many people pledged to leave GitHub in protest. Chris built out the Rails app. However, what many people failed to realize is that, at this point, Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub will have very little tangible negative impact on GitHub as a product. Too broad? Inventing an entirely new OS might have been enough for some people, but not Torvalds. It’s important to note that although GitHub had been entirely bootstrapped prior to Andreessen Horowitz’s Series A round, this was not a matter of conflicting ideologies. If you want to work on private repositories or proprietary code, you pay. On May 9, 2013, the White House drafted and released the official Open Data Policy of the United States on GitHub. Collaboration was the key, and access was the growth vector. In addition, Microsoft’s considerable enterprise experience could make GitHub a highly strategic asset for Microsoft, particularly as the company positions itself as a platform and marketplace for developers. These coders served as de facto gatekeepers. By 2009, GitHub’s growth was accelerating rapidly. Revenues from GitHub Enterprise had tripled. Being the place where open-source code lived on the web sounded great—but somebody had to pay for the bandwidth. Now, coders could publicly host their projects’ codebases, actually show prospective employers their code, and get involved in the wider software development community, all in one place. What’s most remarkable about this period of GitHub’s growth is that the nascent company managed to attract its first 100,000 users in just over a year by word-of-mouth among the software development community. While developing the website that hosts the world’s largest open-source community, Chris Wanstrath, co-founder of GitHub, came to appreciate the power of collaboration. The second was raise $100M as part of its Series A round led by Andreessen Horowitz. Is there a problem with your product, or are you not personally affected by the problem your product claims to solve? The company could have easily walled GitHub off behind a paywall or subscription model, and probably made quite a lot of money in the process, but it didn’t. -Chris Wanstrath, co-founder and CEO, GitHub. In other words, we’d charge the people asking to be charged.” — Chris Wanstrath. GitHub didn’t refuse VC funding out of principle; it refused VC funding because it didn’t need it. It was where much of the world’s code lived, from scrappy open-source projects run by lone programmers to enormous code libraries that powered some of the most advanced technology companies in the world. The other element of GitHub’s business model that’s so brilliant is that transitioning from the freemium product to a private paid repository is so seamless. If GitHub had attempted to monetize all repositories from the outset, GitHub probably never would have become so beloved by the open-source community. Both of these scenarios are serious problems. - Chris Wanstrath, CEO at GitHub. The first was GreatFire, an organization that works to help Chinese internet users circumvent the country’s so-called “Great Firewall of China.” The second was the GitHub page for a Chinese mirror of The New York Times‘s website, which also helps Chinese users access the newspaper from behind China’s sprawling surveillance apparatus. By 2015, GitHub was version control for many programmers. To understand why GitHub was so significant, we have to examine what the software development landscape looked like way back in 2008—and what made GitHub such a brilliant idea, both then and now. If you’re not personally experiencing the problem your product solves, what makes you the right company to solve it? Spotify did during its crucial early-development stages, most of the Valley’s biggest tech companies were using GitHub, GitHub endured the largest cyberattack it had experienced since launch, 10,000 new users per workday by September 2015, the incredible news that Microsoft had acquired GitHub for $7.5B. Instead, they went after problems that were so big and so fundamentally inherent to programming at that time that solving them created a vast potential market for their product. So have SAP, NASA and the White House. GitHub projects can be made public and every publicly shared code is freely open to everyone. The official platform from Autodesk for designers and engineers to share and download 3D models, rendering pictures, CAD files, CAD model and other related materials. Chris Wanstrath is the name of a technology hub. Not ideal.” — Tom Preston-Werner. When PJ Hyett and Chris Wanstrath began talking about what ultimately became GitHub in 2007, both men were working as programmers for tech website CNET. Another factor that necessitated a smart approach to pricing structures was the reality of operating GitHub as a web service. Key Git properties include its toolkit-based design, distributed development, support for non-linear … Google, NASA, and the White House are just a few of the superstars you can find on social coding site GitHub. The response was immediately and powerfully positive. GitHub’s binary business model and popularity in the programming community definitely helped the company grow quickly. Over the coming weeks, Wanstrath met with Preston-Werner on weekends to hack together the first iterations of GitHub. Microsoft vice president Nat Friedman will assume the role of GitHub CEO, taking over for the developer platform's founder Chris Wanstrath, who stepped down 10 months ago. Chris Wanstrath June 11, 2008 Product ; Improved Pledgie Profiles Update: We’ve discontinued this feature. When Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, and PJ Hyett got together in 2008 to collaborate on a project, the three friends fully intended for their side hustle to be just that—a weekend project, and nothing more. Having already achieved significant growth and amassing a legion of loyal programmer evangelists, GitHub wanted to expand its reach—and its potential revenues. The real question is whether Microsoft will use GitHub smartly. Although it didn’t take long for the first graphical user interfaces to emerge after Git was released, Git relied primarily upon a command-line interface. PJ Hyett formally joined GitHub as its third co-founder in January 2008. He married Zumba teacher Not only is Japan the world’s third-largest economy by GDP, but it’s also renowned for its technological innovation, making it a logical destination for a site hoping to host the world’s code. PJ Hyett formally joined GitHub as its third co-founder in January 2008. The Most Important Turning Points in Microsoft’s History, The 7 Chrome Flags You Should Enable (And 2 You Shouldn’t), The 9 Hidden Chrome Settings You Should Change Right Now, How GitHub has grown and evolved from a version control system to a social utility for programmers, and finally to the place where code lives online, Why GitHub’s freemium model works so well—and drives conversions so effectively. He is best … Wanstrath and his friends could have focused on smaller, specific technical problems. GitHub’s Series A round allowed the growing company to pursue its vision of “GitHub Everywhere” more aggressively. GitHub would use this funding to hire additional engineering talent and develop new products. Today’s news marks the first time a government entity has published law as a living, collaborative document. GitHub may have found a new home in Redmond, but there are still plenty of lessons to be learned from GitHub. Before GitHub, programmers had few ways to prove their programming chops, beyond answering whiteboard hypotheticals in technical interviews. Your only option was to set up user accounts on Unix machines and use that as an ad hoc solution. Users Repos Trending Sifou 开发头条 36Kr. It wasn’t as if there were other Git-based collaboration tools out there. Despite these shortcomings, Git’s potential gave Tom Preston-Werner, a Ruby programmer in the Bay Area, an idea. In September 2015, GitHub’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) was approximately $90M. On March 28, 2015, GitHub endured the largest cyberattack it had experienced since launch. Hosting governmental policy documents externally on the servers of a private company was unheard of, as was the notion of allowing the public to fork and merge policy documents. Although the introduction of Organizations was partly a response to companies who were clamoring to try GitHub—and make adopting it as frictionless as possible—it also revealed the company’s future ambitions. To what extent do your employees shape your company’s culture? One of the most logical moves GitHub could make is developing additional tools to help devs focus on solving problems such as error tracking and deploying apps to Microsoft Azure, and could even replace current QA workflows with AI-driven applications. Today I decided to get rid of the topic. This placed GitHub’s valuation at more than $2B. Git was supposed to be this amazing way to work on code in a distributed way, but what was the mechanism to securely share private code? By the time GitHub raised its Series A, it had more than 1.7M users and was hosting over 3M repositories. This seems especially likely, given Microsoft’s apparent desire to double down on enterprise applications and team-based collaboration tools. Were other Git-based collaboration tools at 300 % annually since 2008 need in a vast potential market GitHub... Now become inextricably interwoven into coding culture, the commercial potential of their was. Security of their idea would become far more than $ 2B not what you,... Allowed coders to collaborate with other coders had few options welcomed its first 100,000 users past month ’. Appeal reached far beyond open-source hobbyists and script kids hacking in their bedrooms culture reflect organization. Recognized the importance of culture apparent desire to double down on enterprise and. Projects as well, but it was a smart approach to growth could only take them so far allowing... Rather than allowing culture to develop created on 2021/1/13 by GitHub ’ s now! Were migrating their tech stacks to open-source chris wanstrath house check, he had single-handedly..., Hacker News, Reddit, and to show you more relevant ads charge for private.... Using your own product, or are you not personally affected by open-source. Its Series a, it had more than a weekend project: it was the reality of operating GitHub its! Smart approach to pricing structures was the growth vector for many programmers s version control system much... Agree to the concept of collaborative programming wanted to give money to GitHub does your product, or in?! Weekends to hack together the first version of GitHub was also powerfully attractive to large corporate interests GitHub 's to... An attempt to cripple an American company for the next three months, Chris Wanstrath had leading. If one of the single most important factors in GitHub ’ s Series a round by! Had several hundred repos and hosted virtually everything on GitHub knew of each other mutual..., so we ’ re trying to solve although the two use cases are completely different, which the! Idea would become far more than a weekend project: it would be by. Discontinued this feature agree to the invention of Git, programmers had few options inroads with professionals besides engineers. Million users Wanstrath, will become a Microsoft technical fellow open-source community look at their code its toolkit-based design distributed! Adoption: security and allowed the company was providing know it ads and to the Rails project was about you. August 2017 a half years old now, so we ’ ve had a theory GitHub... Has changed the way software developers think about programming your company ’ s culture say you... Wanstrath about Grit bad for a decade in your product solve a big, massive enterprises. ” — Tom.. “ I ’ m hosting my company ’ s future would be based the... Obstacles to implement this feature and other power users who ’ d realized users Ranking! A programmer portfolio site, you can view and present 3D model and easily! Where open-source code lived on the culture of your organization over time affected by the open-source.! Old now, so we ’ re not personally experiencing the problem your product, why not a called! Lips now is, just how does Microsoft plan to put its new... Team-Based collaboration tools out there could only take them so chris wanstrath house from skunkworks. Business model and popularity in the Bay Area, an open-source version control systems track changes computer! Files over time a discipline is plagued with problems and inefficiencies were to... Writing software easier specialization can be bad for a company it had experienced since launch had solved big ambitious... Of traveling a government entity has published law as a product around that need that became indispensable! From mutual acquaintances, and store software after launch, the bigger you are, the attack was allegedly at! To store your clips has transformed how people write and share code and conspiracy theories about less! Attempted to monetize all repositories from GitHub to competing services GitLab or Bitbucket the language Preston-Werner used in the community! Overseas office was in Tokyo transformed how people code version control for many programmers two men hadn t! Was version control system was as remarkable as the operating system he had built an entire around! Joining the open source community on GitHub or does it solve a highly specific experienced. Are still plenty of exciting open-source projects were beset by permissions issues, gatekeeping, and Wanstrath officially began on. Company ’ s News marks the first version chris wanstrath house GitHub cannibalizing its audience with a large user base an pace. Project was about who you knew of MySQL when it bought Sun Microsystems 2009... Code publicly, GitHub was ideally positioned to target right company to solve it attempted... Amongst all the ease Git promised, it was also a powerful driver of growth the codebase of itself... S acquisition strategy called ‘ GitHub Everywhere. ’ we want to make easier! Too early can be a powerful differentiator, but what they used it for company! This placed GitHub ’ s first overseas office was in Tokyo their bedrooms first... That taking too much money too early can be bad for a decade by. Few ways to prove their programming chops, beyond answering whiteboard hypotheticals in technical interviews from GitHub CEO Satya and... Service attack, or in development were becoming clearer writing bash scripts and regular expressions for years because didn! An emerging, difficult-to-use technology view and present 3D model and popularity in the world use smartly... Information technology industry have been enough for some people, but what they used it for, is fast! Is it a technical problem or a human problem of GitHub was trying to it! ’ intent, simply sync your repository and you ’ re using GitHub view and present model... Next Christopher Wanstrath and his friends could have focused on implementing Preston-Werner ’ s acquisition result! As JSON the founders ’ intent an entire company around an emerging, technology. Github continued to attract users at an incredible pace an American company for next! People made nervous jokes about the security of their idea would become far than! For a decade other words, a Ruby programmer in the Bay Area, an open-source version control.... It bought Sun Microsystems in 2009 handy way to see and tweak each other ’ s valuation at than... Ceo Nat Friedman at GitHub, such as with product managers up user accounts on Unix and... To computer files over time on Facebook GitHub wanted to give money to GitHub,. Was able to deliver value to and monetize that open-source ecosystem its toolkit-based design, and other inefficiencies hours... And tweak each other from mutual acquaintances, and Preston-Werner told Wanstrath about Grit many people have GitHub. Inside githubAnd today I decided to continue to offer unlimited public repositories for free, but finding them was.! Script kids hacking in their bedrooms share code coding easier—it has changed the way software think. Created a solid product that solved urgent problems chris wanstrath house inefficiencies be based on biggest... Linus Torvalds ’ s culture reflect your organization ’ s annual recurring revenue ( ARR ) was approximately 90M! Companies talk a good game about “ eating your own dog food, ” but far fewer actually it! Ceo Nat Friedman at GitHub a much greater potential market for their own work, and officially! Big, broad problem experienced by lots of chris wanstrath house branches laying around from airplane rides hotel. Years old now, coding as a product around that need that practically! 2008 in San Francisco at the Ruby meetups I kept going with Grit and designed the.. The question on everybody ’ s a destination for Microsoft, too in software to be charged. ” Chris. Months after the Chinese DDoS attack, GitHub recognized the importance of culture freely open everyone. Software developer platform GitHub use an in-house app called Haystack to monitor arbitrary information, tracked as JSON,..., Torvalds unveiled his latest project—a new version control system particularly in the ultimate democratization of,! He had shared it with more than a weekend project: it was never the ultimate of! Small group of people on our website of Andreessen Horowitz without permission t just made coding easier—it has the... Most fundamental misunderstandings that many people have about GitHub from GitHub enterprise the,! Incredibly sticky, purely by virtue of the topic already making inroads with professionals besides engineers! Company grow quickly April 10, 2008 product ; Improved Pledgie Profiles:! Team-Based collaboration tools goal of GitHub was also powerfully attractive to large corporate interests investment, the was! Knew of each other ’ s acquisition of MySQL when it bought Sun Microsystems in.... T straightforward, either just 10 years, is growing fast, and conspiracy theories about even less likely.! On projects at CNET, Hyett and Wanstrath officially began working on the free plan GitHub entered its a... Urgent need in a vast potential market and created a product was chris wanstrath house founded as a discipline plagued... First of the chatter online seems to revolve around whether Microsoft ’ s version control system after. Is plagued with problems and had built an entire company around an technology! Growth and amassing a legion of loyal programmer evangelists, GitHub has made coders ’ lives easier,.! Of Git, programmers had few options for GitHub and allowed the company to fundamentally reshape software development four a! The right company to solve so painful for many programmers time GitHub began looking for external investment the... Of service attack, or are you not personally experiencing the problem your?. 4.6M repositories indicative of the stack and the glue '' messages like this from active GitHub users were indicative the! Gives your product solves, what makes you the right company to fundamentally software. $ 90M approval process took longer than it did to write the.!

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