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Since it’s inception, Stella’s House has been dedicated to helping the helpless. Elena and her charity работа мск are committed to making a difference in the lives of people and feral dogs and cats in Moldova.
Their mission is to offer help, aid in restoring hope and dignity and provide compassionate care to those who are suffering or struggling to survive. Elena’s humanitarian https://jobitel.com aid projects encompass everything from major ongoing efforts such as helping orphans, seniors, disabled people, and feral dogs, cats, and shelters to special projects. These caring, работа в москве charitable efforts have included providing feminine hygiene products to 350 hard teenagers in prison, many of whom were formerly orphans like Elena. Other medadvice.net kindnesses have ranged from building a well for a family with six kids and no running water to providing cataract surgery and other medical treatments to needy individuals.
There are over 5,000 street dogs in Chişinău, Moldova, and an additional 2,000 stray dogs in ten shelters, five of which are managed by volunteers. Chişinău’s enormous feral dog population can be successfully managed using a capture, neuter/spay, and release program that was started two years ago by volunteers. To date, volunteers, along with the help of the shelters, have successfully neutered/spayed more than 760 stray cats and dogs. Each procedure costs $23. Please help us by supporting this critically important program, so we may continue our efforts to compassionately solve the feral dog and cat problem in Moldova in the most humane way.
An incredibly resolved individual, Elena is a powerhouse when it comes to getting donations of much-needed medical supplies, clothing, and other items. That is one of the many reasons she wants to build a warehouse for her charity. Elena’s current storage facilities have no heat or electricity or methods https://jobitel.com for volunteers to effectively and time-efficiently move heavy donation items and boxes. She needs a better way to manage, store, and distribute all the donations Stella’s House receives, but this task can’t be accomplished on her own.
Stella’s House heavily relies on donations from individuals, companies, organizations, and other charities. It needs your financial help, as well. Please contribute https://fr.medadvice.net/agilflex whatever amount you can. Kindly help us make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate who cannot help themselves.

Here’s How I Can Help


Shipping Costs

I want to contribute to covering the costs of shipping a 40-foot container to Moldova that’s filled with humanitarian aid to help orphanages, seniors, disabled people, and feral dogs. I understand that the total cost of the shipment, broker fees, and distribution costs for each container is $9,000, and I want to help.

Build a Warehouse

I want to support Stella’s House in building a warehouse in Salt Lake City to store all the https://jobitel.com humanitarian aid it receives. I’d also like to help the charity to defray other operating costs, become self-sustainable, and be able to fund additional special projects.

Neuter/Spay Program

I want to make a one-time donation toward neutering/spaying a street dog or cat to help control the feral population in Moldova in a humane way. I understand each procedure costs $23, and pictures and reports will be provided to me.

Virtual Pet Adoption

I want to help with a $25 monthly donation to virtually adopt a street dog or cat of my choosing that currently lives in one of the shelters. I understand my donation will go toward providing food, vaccines, care, and more, and that pictures and monthly updates on my chosen virtual pet will be provided.

Neighborhood Cat House

I want to build a Neighborhood Cat’s House for street cats in Moldova for $1,585. I understand my donation will go toward materials, foundation, labor, gas, camera supervision, food, and maintenance/cleaning expense. The house will be named after the sponsor and pictures and reports will be provided. The founder of this particular project is Olesea Alicia Scotigor who can be found in social media.